Upgrade your vaping experience with flavors of Eliquid

Some people aren’t so confortable with vaping, but actually it is better than smoking, because this kind of product has none of the thousand carcinogenic chemicals found in tabacco cigarettes. After the Royal College of Physicians said that smokers shoud pe encouraged to use e-cigarettes to quit the tabacco, now let’s have some fun trying the best flavors of Eliquid.
You know that some restaurants and coffee shops have special menus as the seasons come and go. Why shouldn’t you do that with vaping too? Well, now you can taste many flavors of Eliquid, such as strawberries, vanilla, cherries and so much more! Just imagine that we are in winter and you miss the flavor of sweet and delightful strawberries and now you just put out your E-cigarette wich is filled out with strawberries flavor. As you inhale, you will feel the sweet savor of strawberry around your tongue, then when you exhale, you’ll smell a nice and subtle fruit fragrance. Your friends will ask what’s smelling so good and will be courious to try out themselfs, so watch out for your E-cigarette while using the most loved flavors of Eliquid. Searching for the best vaping sensations, you can find premium eliquid flavours on www.FreeSmoke.co.uk.

One of the best parts in vaping different flavors of Eliquid is that you can also mix them up!

Try out to mix your favorite strawberry Eliquid with some vanilla or cherry Eliquid to feel the best sensation of a delicious ice-cream in the summer. If you’d like to have an ice-cool sensation while vaping, you can mix some Fresh Tab Eliquid with one of your favorite fruit flavored Eliquid, for an ice-cold sweet vaping.

If you aren’t so good at mixing and pouring, you can find easily on the UK market of Eliquids some interesting mixed flavors wich will make your vaping experience absolutely delicious.

FreeSmoke UK Vape Shop is one of the best online providers of Eliquid, with many offers for every pocket and also a large variety of tastes when it comes for flavors. Here you will find ones of the best mixes of delightful flavors that you will enjoy for sure, such as apple pie and cinnamon combined with cream, called „Funky Beast”. Do you remember that mind-blowing dessert you used to have in your childhood, with milk, cocoa, peanuts butter and biscuits? Now you can enjoy again that unforgettable feeling with the „Teddy Milk” flavor from FreeSmoke, while drinking your coffee.

In the end, we all have as many tastefull vaping experiences as we allow us to try different flavors of Eliquid, so don’t be shy or scared and get that strawberries for your E-cigarette right now!

Sea Silk….Yummy…

Tatta!!!  I am presenting my beloved top…..Sea Silk Tank Top, original pattern….is finally finished!  It’s a joy to knit with this yarn, it’s soft, light, and mmmm…..yummy.  I originally had a camisole in mind, but then it didn’t turn out right because I was too lazy to calculate  the lace pattern in order to decrease and increase.  I ended up ribbed out the top part and made it into a tank top.  A lot of ribbing involved other than transforming a camisole into a tank top……I was also running out of yarn.  By the time I realized it, I have to rib out almost an inch of the back in order to make it work.  Hey, it’s only need one hank of the sea silk by Handmaiden, not bad huh!

The yarn is just lovely……

Other than this sea silk tank top I am showing you, I also have the cellphone cover and a pair of Sajeete’s Booties here:
Cell phone cover and Sarjeete Booties
The cellphone cover was originally a baby wrap sweater for my goddaughter Erika, but it was too tedious to handle such a fine thread like this, so I turned it into a cell phone cover for my buddy, my goddaughter’s mom, http://craftlover.wordpress.com/. The Saartje’s booties is also done. I thought it was going to be too small for Erika, so I started to rib one off. When I saw her the last time I brought the booties with me, it actually fits her perfectly! So I tried to redo the one I was ribbing….of course I forgot which row I was…I think I ribbed it at least 4 times to get it right. Everything’s done…..and my unfinished pile is getting smaller! So satisfying……:D
FO: Sea Silk Tank Top
Yarn: Sea Silk by Handmaiden - Colour: Rose Garden x 1 hank
Needles: 4.25mm
Pattern: Original
FO: Cell Phone Cover
Yarn: Cotton-Silk extra fine yarn
Needles: 2.5mm crochet hook
Pattern: Original
FO: Saarjte’s Booties
Yarn: RYC 4 ply Cashsoft - colour Mosaic & Monet
Needles 4mm dpn x 4